Welcome to AnimatedTrafficLaw.org.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing traffic-related injury and death by challenging driver assumptions about traffic law.

In other words, we take abstract statutory and regulatory requirements and develop memorable, understandable and enjoyable visual equivalents. We take your clay and give you back a pot.

Why Traffic Law? It’s the road user’s guide to survival.


Assumptions are the legs of behavior. When on the road they take us in front of cars we believe will yield, past pedestrians we think will wait, in front of bicyclists we know should stop. We assume what we believe is correct. But is it?

False assumptions about traffic laws is why ATLC is building a feedback loop in which road users can find needed answers to traffic law questions. We hope our efforts help clear up your confusion about traffic law. We welcome your visit and feedback.

Rules of the Road Game Mobile App (RoRMiP)

Tests your knowledge of traffic law through animated questions. Building on nearly a decade of producing printed materials for traffic law education, and over 30 years of driver education instruction, we now offer this outstanding new resource for instructors and students alike!

Safe Routes to School

SpaceMonkeys! A Video Game for Pedestrian Skills

Space Monkeys Game

Crosswalk Critters! A Card Matching Game (Coloring & Activity book too!) For K-2 and available in any language. Minimum order required. See the SRTS page for pricing.

Monica Monkey wondering…

Ready Set Go

Petey Peackock is ready to go!

Walking with friends

Animated Narratives

ATLC is actively developing animated narratives for traffic safety education. Examples include pedestrian cross walk laws and animation for educational efforts around Safe Routes to Schools.
Greta on the Greenway
Learn about greenway features, safe routes for biking and sharrows.

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Every Corner is a Crosswalk
This covers three pieces of Oregon pedestrian crosswalk law: Unmarked crosswalks, signalized crosswalk where driver and pedestrian get the signal at the same time and mid-block crossings in marked crosswalks.

This is intended to reach speakers of all languages, so there is intentionally no text or voice over. Our guidelines were to design it as a silent movie for display on a kiosk at the offices of the DMV, but it lends itself easily to educational presentations where an instructor can pause, further explain or answer questions on the topics covered. An original soundtrack was composed for this piece by Jim Casella.

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Recent PSA videos ready to customize for your message:

Yellow Light
It is illegal for a driver to enter an intersection on a solid yellow light in the
following five states: Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oregon.
If a driver cannot stop in safety, the driver may drive cautiously
through the intersection.

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Leaf Monster
Fall brings all kinds of excitement to the world of transportation.

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Beacon Buddies
Made for the Portland Bureau of Transportation, Spring 2011.

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Challenging Assumptions

Each year there are reportedly 6 million motor vehicle crashes in the United States. The result is over 40,000 deaths and 1.75 million non-fatal injuries. The accompanying human sorrow is unquantifiable.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 90 percent of all crashes are the result of human error – driving behaviors that can be controlled. Ironically, 98 percent of Americans polled believe they drive safe and 85 percent claim their skills are above average.

What the typical American driver believes about him or herself is very different than what statistics say. The reality? Drivers drive dangerously. Dangerously because they believe things about themselves that aren’t true.

Most of us believe that our skills as drivers are greater than they are; our driving habits are safe when they are not; our knowledge of the law is accurate when it isn’t. It is to these untruths that we are dedicated.

Animated Traffic Law Center is committed to helping motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians better understand the traffic laws of their state and the assumptions that govern their daily commute.

Compare the law across states

States permitting a right turn on red arrow shown in green.

The Animated Traffic Law Center allows you to see how the law varies from state to state. We are also building a database of knowledge of the law by region to help audit traffic safety and education efforts.

We are providing tools to educate as well as statistics to validate. With your help and support we can provide maps of knowledge of traffic law down to the zip code.