The Animated Traffic Law Center partners with state and federal agencies to develop educational material and gather data to actively educate the public about traffic law.

License Rules of the Road: MiP! app

We now offer state and private agencies the opportunity to license our app, Rules of the Road Mission ImPizzable!, (iTunes/Google play) for $2,500 / year. This allows an organization to make its state traffic law data via the app free to anyone. The app can be used in a curriculum to teach traffic law and/or given away as supplementary material by simply linking where it can be downloaded. The app is continually updated at every legislative session.

Animation Development

We have developed animations around key aspects of traffic law including:

  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Laws
  • Right of Way
  • Space Management
  • Speed
  • Traffic Control Devices

Linguistic and cultural gaps can make traffic law and traffic safety education efforts difficult and expensive. We believe that short animated narratives can bridge the gaps. We don’t use voice and wherever possible, no text. This eliminates translation costs and allows you to have only one version for each animated narrative. See our home page for a preview of our piece on pedestrian crosswalk law for the Portland Bureau of Transportation.

The cost for an animated narrative is approximately $5,000 – $10,000. Please contact us if you would like to sponsor a piece for your state. The cost of development includes free right to use for everyone. There are no additional costs for use or distribution.

Multilingual Animated Traffic Law Reference

We offer a state specific reference of traffic laws with animation in a question and answer format in our Traffic Laws section. All questions and answers are available in English and Spanish. We can develop in any language. Please contact us to help complete the development of the on-line reference for your state.

Our traffic law reference is currently optimized for use by mobile devices. It’s like a cell-phone sized vehicle code reference for all 50 states!

Data Collection

We are looking for sponsors to help launch the data collection effort part of our on-line educational testing capabilities. Please contact us about sponsoring and getting access to  public traffic law knowledge in your area of interest.

Printed Materials

We are currently working on several printed material projects for traffic law education. We have two existing card deck/flashcard products: “Rules of the Road” and “Tools of the Road.”

Rules of the Road Dashcards takes traffic law and fashions it into a deck of state specific traffic questions. Each question opens the driver’s door and asks,”Is it legal or not?” (This is a printed version of our on-line reference with different illustration)
Tools of the Road Dashcards is a deck of safe driving tips on how to handle your vehicle in on-road emergencies.

There are several more state-specific and topic-specific decks of cards in development including Safe Routes to Schools, motorcycles, trucks, etc. We are always open to custom development on any topic relating to traffic law and traffic safety. Please contact us for costs and details.