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Alcohol & Drugs

  1. Definition of implied consent

Bicycles & Pedestrians

  1. Passing a bicyclist
  2. Pedestrian with one foot in the crosswalk
  3. Turning right with cyclist on right
  4. Turning right while pedestrian in crosswalk
  5. Bicyclist entering intersection from sidewalk
  6. Meaning of white cane
  7. Entering bike box on red


  1. Unattended vehicle
  2. Definition of reckless driving
  3. Backing on freeway shoulder


  1. Distance from curb
  2. Parallel parking uphill


  1. Passing more than one vehicle
  2. Passing on right of fog line
  3. Passing in HOV lane
  4. Impeding traffic
  5. Two vehicles passing at once
  6. Changing lanes in an intersection on a one-way street
  7. Definition of safe following distance


  1. Freeway entrance and exit
  2. Blocking intersection
  3. Merging onto freeway
  4. Three cars at an uncontrolled intersection
  5. Police vehicle stopped on freeway shoulder with lights flashing
  6. Horse rider in distress
  7. Oncoming emergency vehicle
  8. Two cars at uncontrolled intersection


  1. Residential speed limit
  2. Meaning of Basic Rule
  3. Speed limit while passing


  1. R/R crossing gates down but no train
  2. School bus with red lights flashing
  3. Meaning of number below the R/R crossbuck
  4. Stopping prior to crossing sidewalk
  5. Required stopping distance from railroad tracks

Traffic signs, signals & markings

  1. Driving through a gore
  2. Using a two-way left-turn lane to pass
  3. Meaning of warning sign
  4. Meaning of single solid white line
  5. Left turn on a red from two-way to one-way
  6. Right turn on red from inside lane of multiple right turn lanes
  7. Left turn on red from one-way to one-way
  8. Left turn across solid double yellow lines
  9. Right turn on solid red arrow
  10. Yellow Light


  1. Waiting in intersection to turn left
  2. Left turn from two-way to one-way
  3. Use of two-way left-turn lane
  4. Turn signal requirement