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Below is our video work commissioned by the Portland Bureau of Transportation. This covers three pieces of Oregon pedestrian crosswalk law: Unmarked crosswalks, signalized crosswalk where driver and pedestrian get the signal at the same time and mid-block crossings in marked crosswalks.

This is intended to reach speakers of all languages, so there is intentionally no text or voice over. Our guidelines were to design it as a silent movie for display on a kiosk at the offices of the DMV, but it lends itself easily to educational presentations where an instructor can pause, further explain or answer questions on the topics covered. This full release version has a soundtrack.

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Full version downloads:

Download full version in MP4 (40M) This version should play if you have QuickTime installed (win or mac) without requiring additional codecs.

Download full version in AVI (70M) This version will probably work with windows media player. May require additional QuickTime codecs depending on your particular setup. Get the kit for the mac from Perian. It's free and worth having

(Play on your iPhone)

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